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kiln off to pass christian mississippi

updated sat 29 oct 05


j e motzkin on fri 28 oct 05

I sent this to Carole Pigott, the woman who has pulled
this thing together. I thought my fellow potters would
identify. Nettles and all will be back at work soon.

After arranging for the moving company to pick the kiln
up here in Wellfleet, I was told they would arrive at
I hopped in the car at 7:30pm. I arrived here at 9:30pm
and set to work. I left a message with the mover here to
ask if she would bill MAC and waive the fuel
surcharge--$50 for 15 miles seemed outrageous.

I sorted the necessary items, moved all the stuff that
had gathered in front of the kiln over 6 years. I pulled
out and checked to see that each box of bricks is
necessary and labeled. I disconnected some wiring to
make it moveable--they will need an electrician-- to
separate the ventilation system off. Took apart the
forced air system. (Boy that fan is heavy) Trash piled
broken bricks and replaced them with good ones. Piled up
the 16+ boxes, 4 walls and the roof, the car, the rails,
extra safety valves. I do hope they can figure out how to
put this thing back together. Some of the fiber
insulation may need to be replaced or coated. I looks
worn, but is usable as is. I did not send the flu casing
as it was made of fiber and a huge welded steel box that
I think is too site specific and would be better
reconstructed on site. I never did like the way it was
designed in the first place anyway, they can do better. I
needed still to pull out the kiln shelves that fit the
kiln, but not in the middle of the night, as they are
outside in my kiln area. I sent a small amount of kiln
furniture brick, I think they might be the only thing
that would survive any storm, heavy to move.
I finished this work at about 2:30am. I wept, really
wept, with sadness and exhaustion. I was wired, really
wired, with excitement and anxiety. I could not sleep. I
tried. My sciatic nerve was doing its thing and shoulder
ached and my pinky was numb but you don't need to hear my
middle-aged complaints.
I tossed and slept fitfully. At 7:30 am the mover called
to say that they would need payment COD and did I still
want them to come. Of course I did. I just figured I
would pay and deal with it later.
8:30, while I was pulling out kiln shelves, before
coffee, the truck pulled up. The two young guys--they
looked too small to me--got out. They were great, dealing
with great weight with a smile. One of them
confided--when I again asked about the fuel
surcharge--that he thought they should be doing it for
free. Boss said no all around. Saint Marilyn of KLLM
called and said send the bill to them. Just as the last
piece went onto the truck, Judi Cleary called with her
credit card info, getting me out of the middle on that
With a tip to the movers and a heave the truck left here
to the warehouse. I wept again.
I loaded up my car and took a full load to the dump, the
detritus of all my sorting. Then I treated myself to a
nice veggie omelet breakfast at the only place that is
open in this off season town. I took a long bath, went to
a lovely yoga class and at 8pm I buried myself in bed for
a very long sleep.
So now it is friday. Glad to be done with my part for
now. I hope the truck arrives as planned. I smile at
imagining the face of the trucker at seeing this odd pile
of stuff. I know the potters at the other end have the
vision to see this with flame licking out the peep holes.
Remember to tell them the extra peep liner is in one of
the boxes. Details...

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