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converting kiln from electric to gas

updated wed 2 nov 05


Brian Courtney on fri 28 oct 05

Hello to all, I have 4 electric kilns that were subject to salt water =
during Hurricane Katrina. Our shop was completely destroyed. I have =
move two of the kilns to my house in our back yard. The two kilns I =
moved to my house are top loading and I am thinking of converting them =
to gas. Any one have any suggestions on how to best convert these?

Even though I shop was destroyed I plan on continuing with my pottery as =
I am hook on throwing.

Also is it possible to do wood burning in these?

B. Courtney

Pfeiffer, Dan R (Dan) on tue 1 nov 05

>>>Wondering if any of you out there in fuel firing kiln land have gotten
type burners to work ok?>>>

We got ours to work but I replaced the pipe that it came with with a shorter
pipe and coupler with a washer with holes drilled in it's lip.
I ended up with the same length of pipe sitting on the old bell. I than
reduced the jet hole size a lot from what came from the factory and it now
does not burn in the pipe and have a nice turndown and gets to ^10 without a

Dan & Laurel in Elkmont Al.