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new glazes up on blog (^6 ox)

updated fri 28 oct 05


bill edwards on thu 27 oct 05

I just posted a some jpg's of yesterdays firing using
Emir's Lil' Racer and my old stand-by, Edwards Water
Faux Base, all ^6 oxidation glazes. I came up with
this base many years ago and have used it off and on
but am now finding more ways to put it to use than
ever before. More experience, age does do a few things
other than make wrinkles out of you!

The oil spot test was a dud but I sorta expected that
in this firing because I had to shift ramps to get
some of the other colors I needed to perform as they
were designed. I did notice that the colorant looks
like a hammered black which means there was potential
for the oil spots with a much longer soak. It also
gave me some other ideas to work on for latter. The
garnet dust I chose to use was also a larger particle
but I did get partial melting as evidenced by the
platter shown on my BLOG. Dr. Ed has helped me with a
final analysis so I can make some adjustments latter
with my own home brewed garnet dust sub. I am proud we
have a toxicologist who has experience using materials
that are often considered waste or by-products on our
group. Thanks Sir!

I hope some of ya'll enjoy the pictures.

Bill Edwards
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Camp Hill, Al. 36850

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