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^6 crystalline glaze recipes

updated fri 28 oct 05


William & Susan Schran User on thu 27 oct 05

Several folks have followed up on my offer of a list of ^6 crystalline
glazes. I'm very happy to share discoveries and experience with this
sometimes frustrating process.

For all of you who have received the list of glazes from me, please be
certain that you know how to work with these glazes, otherwise you're going
to end up with the biggest glaze disaster ever!

You can't treat these glazes like any other glaze you've used before. These
glazes contain no clay, so they will settle out in a bucket like nobody's
business. And run, man, these glazes run all over the place. But that's why
they work.

So, don't mix large batches with plain water. Small batches (couple hundred
grams), mixed with a CMC gum solution work well. I brush on all my glazes,
up to 6 layers!

Each pot needs a pedestal, that is removed after firing. Each pot with
pedestal also sits in a catch plate, to catch all the excess glaze that runs
off the pot.

I just wanted to be certain that anyone using these glazes is familiar with
the process and doesn't blame me for ruining their kiln.

And please, in exchange for receiving these glazes, let me know about your
results, good or bad. Digital images would be great, but vivid descriptions
of your woes and intrigue are welcome.

-- William "Bill" Schran
Fredericksburg, Virginia