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$150 a line

updated wed 17 mar 10


clennell on thu 27 oct 05

Sour Cherry Pottery

> i am sorry tony,
> i didnt tell you, i signed up for this semester at the college's
> ceramics class here in town, and i am learning to throw on the potters
> wheel.
> after almost two months and a lot of practice i am getting close to enjoy
> it. ok, that doesnt mean that i can THROW yet, but hopefully getting
> there...and guess what is our next assignment: TEAPOTS!!!
> yeah, functional teapots.

Gang_ This post is not about the cost of doing a line of cocaine.
If marta gets a teapot into The AKAR show after 2 months of throwing I will
tell George Bush to stop flying low over Joyce's house in the Mojave looking
for weapons of mass destruction. He ought to be concentrating on
Besides no one said a functional teapot had to be thrown, just functional. I
can't wait to see Rons choices as the teapot I got from him this summer
looks like he put the holes for the spout in with a sawed off shotgun.
Now this show costs $50 to enter. Get in and you have to send the pot- more
money. Some will say this is nonsense. My friend and Clayart lurker Richard
Selfridge says every line in your resume costs about $150. I think it is
money well spent. Entering these shows is a adult form of self evaluation.
This is not the guild show. This is a national show juried by a nationally
recognized guy that loves pots, knows pots and can recognize poop from
putty. If this is a line in your resume that costs you $150 bucks i"ll raise
you and see you.
Sheila and I will probably make 20 -30 t-pots each to try and get a good
hope to see y'all in the cornfields of Iowa.

Tony and Sheila Clennell
Sour Cherry Pottery
4545 King Street
Beamsville, Ontario

tony clennell on tue 16 mar 10

and no i'm not talking about cocaine. I have a friend that says every
line on your CV will cost you $150. Wanna have a CV full of
exhibitions to get tenure or secure a job then count on applying to
these yunomi shows to have our Pete jury your work. Then instead of
telling them to return the pot tell them to give it to someone nice.
Yep, it is your best pot of the season, you shipped it away at a cost
of shipping and the cost of the entrance into the show all for one
line on your CV. It's all about being out there. Who knows what will
come of it? Sometimes you get a nice cataloque, sometimes a workshop
proposal, sometimes an order for another racer that you'll kill
yourself trying to replicate and sometimes you get the bum's rush.
When your CV is ridiculous with shows and exhibitions then stop and
just say exhibited in over 5000 juried shows. Heck, there are more
foolish ways to spend your money. Bought a lottery ticket lately?
Known here as a tax on the stupid.