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using a paper tray to transfer tiles to kiln shelf?

updated thu 27 oct 05


Merry Monk Design on wed 26 oct 05

I will be making a lot of tiles, if my business begins to fly, and I am trying to figure out a transfer issue. I spray glaze the tiles (with the lovely HVLP from Harborfreight!) and have been painstakingly placing them very close together on kiln shelves to maximize # of tiles per firing. When I pick up the tile by the edge (sometimes with my fingers, sometimes with a tong-like tool), glaze often flakes off the top edge and onto the kiln shelf. This is very annoying and time consuming cleaning it up. I am trying to figure out a system of glazing and placing tiles on the kiln shelves easily and quickly. I can deal with a little glaze clean up after firing, but the less, the better.

So here's my idea:
1. Place tiles to be glazed on a rigid paper tray thing, place my glaze stencil in between the tiles.
2. Spray glaze the tiles, remove stencil. The hope is that the stencil will block the intersititial glaze from adhering to the paper tray thing.
3. Lift paper tray thing and place onto kiln shelf.
Voila, tiles all glazed and easily transferred to the kiln shelf.

And here's my question:
1. Has anyone used a stencil idea like this, for glazing purposes?
2. Does anyone know of a cheap material I can use as a kiln tray? I fire to ^5. Perhaps the burned paper residue will affect my transparent glazes. I imagine I'd have to deal with a small amount of smoke, too? Would that adversely affect my Skutt walls or elements?

Thank you in've been a great help for my other questions!
Amy Sanford

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