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diana pancioli: great workshop, thanks!

updated mon 24 oct 05


marianne kuiper milks on sat 22 oct 05

Hi Diana,

I am glad I saw this posting (couldn't find the
address) because I wanted to tell you what a wonderful
time I had at your workshop near Cleveland (Pepper
Pike?)last weekend. It was fabulous, one of the best I
have attended! I learned so many practical and fun
things - stuff that makes a lot of sense.
Good pace, well organized, neat projectgs for such a
short time. The only suggestion I have is to slow down
the slide show: it was too interesting to see it go
past so quickly.

Thank you for all your stories and especially for not
biting my head off for the creative ways in which I
attempted to spell your last name. (Phew..that was a
close one!)

Last but not least: your reaction to what I had made
really made my day. I am so encouraged! I will send
pictures of the follow-up projects you suggested.
Thanks, Diana! Hope we will meet again!

Marianne Kuiper Milks

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