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good teachers

updated mon 26 apr 10


Mark Issenberg on sat 22 oct 05

when i was in 9th grade my art teacher was incredible. He really turned me
on to making clay objects. I went back for the summer and really made some neat
work. Instead of hanging at the beach i made pots.. My whole life in Jr and
high school was going to ride waves and just being in the Sunny Isles surfers
gang and being at the beach,, wish i had wore more zinc oxide.. dealing with
skin issues now

When i went to High school i had another great teacher ,, He suppported me
making art work and pottery. It wasnt that he was a great potter , he was a
great teacher. When i was in Jr College we became friends ,, thats when i got
hooked into plants.. he was a plant nut also on Saturdays he would have his
stereo blasting classical music.. Both those 2 teachers changed my life ,
they both became friends of my mother and dad also..
Gene DeSmet my High School teacher was murdered , his family asked me to
come and get some art work to keep. I still have the works in my studio ..
Having good teachers is a amazing life building event that lasts forever

Mark on Lookout Mtn
moving in all the Adeniums and Pachypodiums and othe cold sensitive plants
in today.

Dawn Christensen on sun 23 oct 05

In a message dated 10/22/2005 10:43:19 AM Pacific Standard Time,

Having good teachers is a amazing life building event that lasts forever

I suspect we all have a good teacher story. It is probably why I became a
teacher myself. My middle school / high school teacher would always sign me
out of my study halls so i could come to the artroom. He eventually got tired
of signing my passes and would say, just sign my name. I did and then
signed a few "others" out of their classes too. Of course i got caught (by him
not anyone else) and he suggested if I designed the set for the play etc. he
wouldn't tell my parents. Ah, he was a crafty one. Truth is he pushed me
farther than i would have pushed myself by always creating opportunities or
events. Later in graduate studies I had the good fortune to have another good
teacher in my life who always helped me discover. There are more than a few on
this list I would love to discover from / with. Perhaps in a workshop
someday. You never know when you can make a difference in someone's life.
Sometimes we don't even know when we do it. Dawn

Kathy Forer on sun 25 apr 10

Good teachers will suggest you leave school. They will suggest more
appropriate teachers, programs and approaches. They may even refuse to
teach entirely, saying you're better off on your own, though they are
watching and there to guide you when you make stupid mistakes.

Other teachers will let you make those mistakes, on hopes you will
truly learn a lesson. But it's an angry lesson, easier to learn on
your own than with a spiteful teacher.

Of course not all teachers are in schools but many of those who are
hone their methods or refine their approach on their students.

Sometimes they're wonderful and take us places we've never been before

Some teach things we thought we knew but couldn't see for all the
facile entanglement.

Others teach us what we want to learn with both structure and insight.

We become our own teacher at some point. And so become a student again.

Kathy Forer
Sculpture in clay, paper, wood, silicone, cloth, wax, plaster and metal