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mfa/time spent/quality imput

updated sat 22 oct 05


marianne kuiper milks on fri 21 oct 05

I have to defend 'differences" in approach to
learning, programs and reasons for choosing faculty,
because I truly do not think one is a necessary
reflection on the other. (And I have taught at several
u/coll in this country and abroad- a degree of
reasoning available on my part))

If all regular-length/content programs (no such thing)
were alike, we could just put your name in a college
pool and jump in to any program available. Instead,
esp. at the Masters level, we spend a great deal of
time searching, weighing etc. And so does the school
searching for good (MFA) candidates.

My husband went back to school to become an
allergist/immunologist. finding the right program was
particularly crucial for a variety of unusual reasons.
One was that he was the Senior Partner of a large
pediatric practice. Instead of the 2 yrs, he arranged
to do it in four. Does that make him a better
allergist ? - of course not.

The qualityintensity of the program depends, in my
eyes, on content, materials covered regardless of
length (double-up?), faculty, exposure and
particularly personal imput of the student. Just
doubly intense. Can be done. And older people may well
be more motivated for the experience of learning in an
organized , dedicated setting. Can be as successful or
more so as a 2yr MFA, in my foreign eyes. (I said CAN
But what do I know? I'll find out: I contacted them!


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