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cone 10 electric glaze tests

updated tue 8 nov 05


Rick Bonomo on fri 21 oct 05

For those who are interested in Cone 10 Electic


From the left:

Perkins Red with the Zinc still in the recipe over raw clay body not as =
much purple as I planned

50% Soda Spar and 50 % Woodash still will not behave

Perkins Red without Zinc, over 50% Ball Clay, 50% Kaolin slip, - not =
as much red as I planned

Sprayed Ruitle over sprayed McKenzie Tenmoku over sprayed native slip - =
pretty drippy, but the rutile looks like gold flashing

Perkins Red over 50% Ball Clay, 50% Kaolin slip - not as much red as I =
planned (again)

Reitz Green

Dry Barium Matt will not behave

Ochre Ash

Best Barium Blue which ran all over the shelf

Rick Bonomo on mon 7 nov 05

Cone 10 Electric Glaze Tests

For those who are interested in this subject:

Click here for image: =

What happens when you put a cone 10 in the sitter, then go watch the =
football game

For better or worse

From the left:

The orange glaze recently posted by Steve Irvine- dipped
The orange suggested by Mel - Rhodes 32 with 1% Iron and 3% Rutile - not =
very orange - dipped
Might work as a base glaze for brush work
The red is back - that's Perkins with Zinc over the Alfred porcelain mix =
recently discussed here- dipped
I get the feeling that it won't turn red over 50% Kaolin 50% Ball =
clay - too much iron in the ball clay?
Of course it continues to try to run off the pot if you apply it =
thick enough to get the color
Behind it is John Jelfs Ochre Ash that variegates between ochre and =
brown in electric too sprayed
McKenzie Tenmoku over native yellow slip to give more orange when it =
breaks dipped
Two more Reitz Green which breaks blue over white slip and black over =
stoneware sprayed and dipped
And last - Nuka - which is so hard to get right I'm about to dump it =
Too thin and the body shows through - too thick and it's a bulge


The glaze didn't heal the "S" crack

I thought I was being real cute by using Wert's Shino with Silicon =
Carbide to reduce inside a vessel
All I got was coal miner's spittle ( right)

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Rick Bonomo