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was no carriage returns! now- thoughts

updated tue 18 oct 05


MLC on sun 16 oct 05

Sometimes I think what is really frightening to me is that blank
look that kids (anyone under 35 to me) have when I use a term
like carriage return, or talk about my dad dumping buckets of
clinkers out in the driveway because it was less expensive that
getting a load of paving gravel. The clinkers gave good traction
because the good red Carolina clay was only and inch or so down
under the driveway and rain would turn the dirt to mud. if you
weren't careful when you started to back out, and let the clutch out
too abruptly, you would either stall out and sink into the mud and clay
mix, or shoot backwards hydroplaning out of control, or digging deep

I used to go out in the back yard and scrape away the dirt to get to
the clay. After a good rain you could get a wonderful slurry that was
great to finger paint with on leaves and the back steps. one of the
neighbor kids and I used to build clay villages, there were wonderful
sheets of Mica in his back yard that we used for windows.

When we were older we could go down to the creek and there was some
really fine white clay that we could dig out of the banks. I wish that
I had
some of the pinch pots that we made. we put them in piles of leaves
one of the neighbors was burning one fall, but they didn't survive.
either they
broke apart in the fire or the rakes got them. we couldn't find them
after the
ashes cooled.

Millie in Md. It is starting to be fall, I think that if I have to
put up another
apple in any form, I will loose it. one dwarf apple tree should not
be able to
produce that many bushels of apples. But I do wish that there were a
persimmon tree around. that is a fall taste that I do miss.

On Oct 15, 2005, at 12:10 PM, Chris Campbell wrote:

This title made me wonder how many people
under 30 have no idea whatsoever what a
'carriage return' is.

Chris Campbell - in North Carolina - gee, I even
remember clinkers from coal furnaces !!!