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updated sat 15 oct 05


June Kinsinger on fri 14 oct 05

Andy, I ran across your mail and have to respond. I am in Richmond, born and raised. It is nice to hear from someone that has been in the area with my same interests. We have a coop arts store in centerville, in and have been to the campus and spent time with some of the artists. Great group of kids, i can say that since i am 51. I have only been doing pottery, pretty much self taught, for about 5 years and am envious of anyone that can make a living doing pottery and teaching. Great job. With working a full time job, having a family, and working the coop store on weekends, i do not get as much time as i would like to play in the clay.
Just wanted to say hi. Love your website and your work.

Have a great time
June Kinsinger

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I'm not sure how Laguna's shop runs in California, and I have never
actually been to the location in Ohio, but I do have my clay mixed for me
at the Ohio location, and they do a fantastic job. I only send this in
response to your line advising "several new directions and philosophies
would indicate they no longer wish to trade with individual potters". I
have them mix a custom batch for me in 1 ton orders, and they are happy to
keep my recipe on file...I just call and give them my name and payment
info, and the clay arrives in my driveway 2 weeks later, freshly filter
pressed and pugged. I think this is fantastic, and while it is a little
more expensive than mixing my own clay, the time savings for a potter with
a full time bread winning job is well worth it. I find their willingness to
work with me as an individual potter to be exceptional. I have however
never ordered glaze materials for them, and for the record do not plan on
using 100 lbs of mang. diox in my lifetime either.

Andy Casto

Karen Sullivan
New business model
10/14/2005 09:21

Please respond to

I tried to order 10 pounds of manganese dioxide...
It was part of an order of 1000 pounds of
Glaze material....and Laguna told me
They only sold manganese dioxide in
100 pound bags...
I do not think I will use 100 pounds
Of manganese dioxide in this lifetime.

Laguna has closed their retail store.
Telephone orders picked up at a will
Call window...or delivered are
their new business practice.
Several new directions and philosophies
Would indicate they no longer wish
To trade with individual potters.

It's too bad....I often wander in the
Store to visually see what is new on
The market...and pick up tools,
Books or materials I have the
Opportunity to evaluate visually.
I wonder who Laguna's market is,
If not the 4000 potters in
Southern California....

Jon...if you are there...perhaps
Pass this on to the wizards running
The show...



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