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black iron oxide, was ^6 ox. iron red blues revisited

updated sat 15 oct 05


Pam Cresswell on thu 13 oct 05

In a recent round of glaze testing, I mixed up some Bailey's Orange, which
is a ^6 iron red, that in M. Bailey's book, he shows as leaning to
red-orange shade. One I mixed with 12% Red Iron Oxide, one with 12% Spanish
Red Iron Oxide, and the last one with 12% Black Iron Oxide.
The black iron made a strange looking glaze in the bucket that looked
nothing like any of the other iron glazes, and I was sure it would not turn
out to be any good. Oddly enough, when I fired it, that one was the best
one, quite nice as a matter of fact. It was brighter, with areas that are
red-orange, and if you look very close there are areas of translucent violet
over the orange. Another potter used the same base recipe with crocus
martis, and that looks very similar to mine with black iron oxide. These
were fired to ^6, with a slow cool. I have an old kiln with no fancy stuff,
so after it reaches maturity, I set it to medium for @ 6 hours, which takes
it down to @ 800 Celsius, then I turn it off and let cool naturally. Here is
a link with pictures:

#4 is RIO
#5 is Black IO
#6 is Spanish RIO
#12 is my friend's Crocus Martis glaze

I have used this on a couple of pots now, and really like it. So, for folks
looking for a good iron red ^6, try Black iron oxide instead of red, you may
like it :-)

Pam, enjoying a beautiful fall day in KC