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wrapping up the sale.

updated fri 14 oct 05


Lili Krakowski on thu 13 oct 05

Well. I come to this late, which has never stopped me. However.
For small items such as your whistles I would go with bubble wrap--salvaged
is fine--and then tie the whole thing in bright cloth.

Stores that sell to quilters as well as regular fabric stores sell remnants
very cheap. And cloth is far more distinctive than bags, boxes, newsprint.
Cut the cloth to fit your whistles so you can tie the four ends. Pre-cut
them, stack them, let the customer choose the color. The customer will find
an end use for the cloth and always remember where it came from. Same
cannot be said for newsprint.

Also. I had some cards printed years ago, took a hole punch, punched holes
in end, and using simple string tied the card to the package. Again; the
card can be saved easily...the string allows it to be hung up....Be sure to
tell printer you plan to make hole, so that the margins are big enough.

Lili Krakowski

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