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cone 10 warpage, smart pills

updated thu 13 oct 05


woofpotsaz on wed 12 oct 05

Smart pills: 50/50 alumina and epk worked at a putty like consistancy.
(some folks have other good recipies, ask around, check archives,
we've discussed this before) attach 1/2 to 3/4 inch balls of this
mixture to the bottom or foot of your piece. Use a dab of elmers glue
to stick them in place 3 or 4 inches apart. equally spaced. while
still fresh(soft) place piece on shelf. on large flat work a couple
balls in the middle of bottom keep that from sagging as well.

Warped shelf no problem, light press downward-self leveling. also
great for preventing fireing cracking of large platters. balls elevate
platter so that heating is evened out top side and under and thus no
thermal tension causing cracking. The time involved to make balls is
out weighed many times over when the value of lost pots is considered.
Neighbor kids or an interested stay at home person make great ball

I use smart pills in wood, gas and electric fireing, and in bisque for
large flat ware.

I never kiln wash my shelves, flip them each fireing, use test bowls
or clay shelf liner pads for test or problem glazes, and thus problems
with drips, stuck feet or kiln wash flecking into an otherwise prize
piece below are virtualy nonexistant. Most times the balls are not
stuck or pop off easily from both pot and shelf, so shelf and pot
finishing care and cleanup are minimal. more savings of time and pots
not lost. There are more reasons they are called smart pills and if
you are still with me here you will discover what else and what you
need as you go.

Hope this adds something for you, sounds like a sales pitch for smart
would you like them in designer white or.....sign here______________.

David Woof

Clarkdale, Arizona