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updated tue 11 oct 05


SellArtSmart on mon 10 oct 05

Issue 10 05

SellArtSmart Newsletter -- tips & such from

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Meet the Exhibitions team
We celebrate our first year of Exhibitions (see article below) by showing you the team that is starting to put together the improved version for 2006. Anita and Brigid are ready to help you with your submission into the Exhibition that the art world has been coming to see. Each of these young ladies is helpful, charming, and patient, so give them a call at (800) 647-6336.

Take our survey and find out "Eight Things Every Working Artist Should Know"-

Exhibitions 06 -- better than ever!
One year ago we decided to try a new way to get more exposure for working artists of quality. Our idea, which we called Exhibitions, was to do the Art Show one better by using the capabilities of the internet to make it:
- accessible anytime
- friendly to global artists
- accessible from anywhere
- "all about the art"
- accessible forever.
The inaugural year of art-exchange's Exhibition has finished with a beautiful collection of alternative media. We're already collecting entries for the 2006 shows, so it's not too early to enter. Go here for a full description and to sign up, or call us at (800) 647-6336 x 100.

MOCA obtains works for permanent collection
Many of you have responded to our call for works donated to build the permanent collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art in our "hometown" of Hot Springs, Arkansas. Ten works have been selected from the hundreds submitted so far. The selection committee will continue to slowly, carefully work through existing and new submissions, accepting a handful each month in order to maintain control over the flow of property into the museum.

Report from Atlanta
Our President and CEO, Richard Gipe, recently spoke on a panel art DecorExpo Atlanta on the topic of "e-tailing". Some of the key points coming out of the panel:
- in order to keep up, artists MUST be on the web
- building a website is a significant amount of work... and so is maintaining one
- a community website [such as art-exchange] is the best option for most artists.
If you agree, give us a call at (800) 647-6336 x 100 to join the art-exchange community.

Artists- has your work been recognized "officially?" We are offering free upgrades on any new listing packages for you. Just send us the details of the award and we'll call you to get all the listing information. Call (800) 647-6336 ext. 100 or email

Want to be seen?
When you first join art-exchange, we include a link to your work from: If you're new to art-exchange and would like extra attention for your works, call us at (800) 647-6336 ext. 100 and reference "New Artist Special" to find out more.

One way we get your art in front of art buyers is the BuyArtSmart newsletter. Call us at (800) 647-6336 ext. 100 and reference "BAS" to find out how to get special exposure here.

Nuts & Bolts for our Existing Customers

Send your friends straight to your work
Did you know that every art-exchange artist has a direct link to their work? Here's a sample.
Your bio is also "linkable", like this one:

Art Begets Art
Jim Pollock recently collaborated with the South Dakota Symphony Orchestra to sketch, paint and interpret music through his art. See the details and link to samples at

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