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local show

updated sun 9 oct 05


Mark Issenberg on sat 8 oct 05

Drove to the local show on my tractor yesterday,, i hooked up my trailer and
loaded my display on the trailer and had the quick release forks on the
front end for the big display on the front.

I had driven over in the rain and decided on leaving the tractor at the show
, didnt want to be cold and wet on the way home.. Well this morning it
finally stopped raining but the rain had left mud holes everywhere. My tractor and
i pulled people out of the mud and to top it off i moved port o lets to the
back side of the show.. Shure is fun doing a local show and of course
nothing like a 4x4 tractor close at hand. The local church make super chicken stew
which warms you up as you sit there cold to the bone.. It was cool and damp

hope all of you had as much fun i did so far this weekend.. sold a few pots
and was able to be on my tractor

It just dont get better than this

Lookout Mountain
Rising Fawn Ga
New Salem Mountain Festival ,, lots of pork rinds, no boiled peanuts, seems
the boiled peanut guy has passed on and we are waiting for the family to
figure out what to do..if they dont do it i might have to go into the boiled
peanut business