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i made the $600 tpot

updated sun 9 oct 05


marianne kuiper milks on sat 8 oct 05

That's because it was my first one.
OK, the handle sagged so you have to set the thing
near the edge, giving the handle a little air.
The spout is too low and straight out, so the pot can
really hold only one cup.
There's a dent on the side where a careless thumb
slipped to find a permanent mark.
The lid fits perfectly if you don't rattle it.
But the floating blue is really lovely.

One of my daughters tried to give me money for it -
wouldn't take it for free. She wanted it as a memory.
I told her it would never be for sale because there
was no money that could match my pride in my first
tpot. I didn't need anyone else's opinion on the value
I put on my piece. She treasures the gift and it DOES
go with her dishes.

Marianne. Proost!

--- Vince Pitelka wrote:

> > Did you get the permission of either of
> > these potters to post their work here for
> > our discussion and amusement?
> Dear Chris -
> Once they have posted their wares on the Internet,
> there is no reason to ask
> permission. The discussion is very valuable, and
> I'd hardly call it
> "amusement."
> > I can only imagine the horror of seeing
> > my work posted here with requests for
> > comparison with a work of genius!!
> Well, the humility is certainly to your credit, but
> I expect that your wares
> would stand up very well in such a comparison.
> - Vince
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