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watermelons under the bed ($600 teapot)

updated sat 8 oct 05


Jim Champion on wed 5 oct 05

So much of how we react to our environment comes =

from our individual experiences=2E Having grown up in =

Pascagoula=2C MS (with out air conditioning)=2C =

I spent many a hot hour=2C as a young boy=2C =

under the bed next to the watermelon =

trying to keep cool=2E The feel of the smooth cool =

rind of the watermelon next to my skin has left =

a deep appreciation of smooth cool surfaces=2E =

This is the same feeling I get when I look at =

Chang=92s work and Alyssa=92s as well=2E I like the coldness =

of the forms=2C the smooth surface and the extent =

of the control that Chang has=2E I=92ve not held Chang=92s =

work but I doubt that I could with out being =

pulled to the ideas of being cool=2C at peace=2C and =

anticipation of cutting the watermelon on a Hot summer=92s day=2E =

While one person may see a boring lifeless form another =

can see elements of their own life that are =

rich with textures of memory=2E =

That said I would be more inclined to hold one of =

Alyssa=92s bowls=2E They do have a life to them that Chang=92s work doesn=

Jim Champion
Louisville=2C KY
Landlocked by the edge of a bluegrass sea