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underglaze burning out in raku firing

updated sat 8 oct 05


Phyllis Tilton on fri 7 oct 05

I have learned to use the quality of the underglaze burning out--not only with raku but on my pots that are fired to ^5 or ^6. Part of it has to do with how much underglaze is applied. With the brushwork I do, mostly floral, some thicker in places determined by how I load a brush. The glaze firing does my shading by burning some of the color. It is always a surprise to unload the kiln. I did testing with the greens and learned that greens will change color under the clear, matte glaze. I use Laguna B-Mix 5 in my home studio and their clear glaze and matte, too. At the Cultural Art Center, in downtown Columbus, Ohio, I have been using the Southern Ice Porcelain and it is fired in reduction. Mason stains work well on that with a clear glaze over. Have also played around with some oxides. Never enough time and the days are never long enough. I want to try coloring some of that clay---Chris Campell does such beautiful work!!

It is so interesting that we clay people can use the same products and achieve different results. There are about 4 other clays that I use, too, but have totally different finishes for them.
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