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i own a $600 tea pot and plate as canvas

updated sat 8 oct 05


Richard Mahaffey on thu 6 oct 05

Well written from a Western point of view.
There are other ways of defining Art. This is one of the things I
talk about in my Art Appreciation course. Some of my students have
little exposure to other ways of thinking (Ie. Art is painting, well
also maybe sculpture). The world is getting smaller by the day and we
would do well to begin to understand other ways of viewing our art form.

Some of most valued Art works in Japan are functional pieces that are
used. Tea (ceremony) ware is the obvious choice.

As to weather a unused Tea pot is Art and not a tea pot, isn't that up
to the owner? Buyer participation art............... My Roy Rogers
Guitar is still a guitar even though I do not play it.

Alyssa has brought a topic that has stimulated discussion the like of
which we have not had in a long time. It has made Clayart an
interesting read again.

On pots and food the Chef wants a canvas- the plate to hold the food
off the table.
The potter thinks of food as an accessory for the plate. It is an
accessory because the plate stays the same, the food changes.