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marketing for potters (was $600.00 tea pot)

updated fri 7 oct 05


Arnold Howard on thu 6 oct 05

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From: "John Baymore"
> In looking at Ms. Chang's website I am struck with a number of things.
I think she is a VERY good marketer. She is as
> successful as she apparently is in a large part because of this. Her
> background in being an architect clearly has her understanding running a
> business and how to value her skills and time appropriately. You go girl!

If you visit Teresa Chang's website, you will be amazed at the number of
magazines she has been featured in, including Oprah Winfrey's. That isn't
due to luck or accident. I'm sure she has persisted for years.

To start out, I suggest that potters send news releases to local newspapers.
They are surprisingly easy to get into. Example: My sister, Emma, is a
textile designer in Hawaii. She was going to teach a seminar at an art
store, and I suggested that she contact the newspapers for a story. Both
newspapers featured her, complete with color pictures. The newspapers even
sent out photographers.


Arnold Howard
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