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$600.00 tea pot and "production"

updated thu 6 oct 05


Vince Pitelka on wed 5 oct 05

Lois Ruben Aronow wrote:
> It's been bantered about here on Clayart for ages about the Japanese
> approach to apprenticeship and learning - make make make. Leach and
> Hamada
> both had their apprentices make THOUSANDS of pieces before one was even
> accepted. You can call it "production.". Some of us prefer to call it
> "practice".
> And the more you practice, the better you get.

Absolutely, Lois. Students sometime get defensive and try to demean
quantity output as "production." Some years ago at NCECA, Chris Staley said
it all when he said (I paraphrase) "It is not about 'production.' It is
about practice. Out of quantity production come both control and the
willingness to take risks, and out of risk-taking comes the most productive
- Vince

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