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$600 tea pot

updated thu 6 oct 05


MATT WASSENAAR on wed 5 oct 05

O.K. this is from a lurker on the boards who has never posted before. I =
sell my work in a 'commercial venue' I shant say where. =20
I saw a great quote in a book by Bill Holm "Americans know the Price =
of everything, and the value of Nothing." That being said, price is =
relative. I tend to price up my creative work and then as I want to =
move it towards the door I hang a big old crass 'SALE' sign. If someone =
wants to buy her $600 tea pot, well bully for Ms./Mrs. Chang. Is the =
piece in question worth $600? Perhaps. She's obviously marketing to a =
high end clientele at those prices. Is this good or bad that she has out =
priced her local butcher or baker in favor of the lawyer or doctor? This =
is a problem of Class and Elitism more than what her pot is 'worth'.
If I had 6 million in the bank rather than $600 I would consider =
buying her tea pot.

My 2 cents.

M. Wassenaar=20