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the international potters' path - update september 2005

updated fri 30 sep 05


The Chapel of Art on thu 29 sep 05

We are commissioning a panel off the potter Ned
Heywood, who is better known for his marvellous
reduction oxblood bowls, which ring like bells!
Ned has kindly agreed to make a panel of 15 x 10
tiles to inform walkers the it is "The
International Potters' Path made by Potters from
around the world". The logo of a world globe
with people holding hands around it will be

This is to finish off The Path... at least from
our point of view. It was started in 1997, but it
still needs hundreds more tiles to complete.
Although hundreds have already taken part, a huge
number of countries around the world remain
unrepresented. But we are unable to continue this
project ourselves and the incomplete Path is
preventing us selling the building/business. We
trust that the future owners of The Chapel of Art
will be able to complete "Phase III" at some
point, but this will remain an uncertainty until
we know who our successors may be.

Given the economy and local trends, we must be
prepared for anything. This could mean
like-minded people take over, but it could also
mean that a property speculator could buy The CoA
and make it into holiday apartments. We just will
not know until we sell!

In the meantime, we are "putting our money where
our mouth is" once again. Phase II should be
completed during the autumn, once Ned finds time
to make the panel and we collect it from his
South Wales workshop/studio/gallery, so Himself
can finish the area to the right of the entrance.

We are saddened that we have not been able to
complete The Path, but we have spent ten years
trying to make it a reality and not just a dream
about international co-operation between potters
& clay artists around the world. Those who have
taken part will also be very sad to hear that
others did not follow the call, but that's how it

"The path to hell is paved with good intentions"
will remain the motto for The Path. All those
potters who thought it was a tremendous idea, but
then did not send a tile are to blame for this
not being a good news message!

The CoA website is sadly out of date, but I shall
try to get it sorted for including our "final
addition" by the end of the year.

Should any Clayarter who has not already taken
part (so many have!) now wish to send a tile at
the last minute, they are naturally more than
welcome to do so... It will save us using tiles
which would make the Path unsafe for walking
across or even commercial tiles to fill spaces.
To ensure last-minute arrivals are used, we need
them the arrive here by mid October.


Janet Kaiser
8 Marine Crescent : Criccieth : GB-Wales LL52 0EA

Plan visiting The International Potters Path?
Contact: Janet Kaiser
Tel: ++44 (01766) 523122

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