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lili k. and ^6 ash

updated tue 27 sep 05


Allyson May on mon 26 sep 05

Hey Lili,

Thanks for the reply about the ash glaze. I actually had a response =
from the person who wrote the glaze. You are right that it was kind of =
an idea to be developed with a lot of testing. I have moved on from =
that glaze and am working with a few more that seem to make a little =
more sense to me. At least now I can put a name on it. I will test =
your Hannah's Cider this week along with a couple of others. My wood =
ash is very mixed. I just use the ash from our brush and dead fall burn =
pile. Typical midwest hardwoods. I am testing both washed and unwashed =
versions to see if there is a difference in the final glaze. Is your =
notion of DANGEROUS about unwashed ash from the view that it is so =
caustic or from another standpoint? Thanks again for the analysis.
Allyson May
Stoney Creek Pottery
Bloomington, IN