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tony ferguson workshop in berkeley, ca

updated wed 21 sep 05


Belinda Willis on tue 20 sep 05

Tony Ferguson will give a two-day workshop in Berkeley, California on
October 29th and 30th, entitled =93Form Function, Tips and Tricks.=94 It wi=
be a well-rounded workshop where Tony will share a variety of forming
techniques as well as a collection of secrets and practical tips that will
benefit beginning to advanced potters. Some of the highlights of the
workshop include:

=B7 Tony will demonstrate isometric throwing techniques that use the whole
body to manipulate the clay and allow even petite potters to throw large
forms with ease.

=B7 He will throw traditional functional pieces with an emphasis on form as
well as show how to alter those pieces, both on and off the wheel, to push
them into the realm of sculptural art.

=B7 He=92ll show how to grid and scale a drawing of a form and then construc=
that design using multiple parts.

=B7 Tony will discuss and demonstrate various surface manipulations and
decorating techniques.

=B7 He will discuss how to take professional quality photographs of your wor=
for magazines, books, fairs and exhibits.

=B7 He will talk about how to successfully market your pottery via the

=B7 We will have a =93Share Your Tips and Tools=94 session. All attendees a=
encouraged to bring their favorite studio secrets to share with the group.

The workshop will be from 9am to 4pm on Saturday and Sunday. The fee is
$125 for both days or $75 for one day. $100 for students with current
student I.D. A PDF flier of the event is available upon request.

Interested persons can contact Belinda Willis at 510-848-1594 for full
details and directions. Or email her at