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paperclay artists invite artists session at watershed

updated wed 21 sep 05


Jiri Lonsky on tue 20 sep 05

At the conclusion of my winter residency at the Watershed this spring, I
was offered to organize an "artists invite artists" session with the theme
of paperclay to be included in the 2007, or maybe 2008 summer program at
the Watershed. I am looking for paperclay artists who would be interested
in participating. At this point, I am not certain if there will be a more
specific focus to the session. The fiber gives paperclay somewhat paper-
like qualities, and I have seen wonderful watercolor-like paintings done
on paperclay sheets. This made me wonder if the theme should be "paperclay
and the image", and explore the use of paperclay as a substrate for images
created with a wide range of techniques. This seems to offer ample
possibilities for participation of artists like paiters or printmakers who
have an affinity for or curiosity about clay. Paperclay is very forgiving,
and allows disregarding of most rules for work with conventional clay.
This should allow successful experimentation by artists whose primary
medium is not ceramics. They, in turn, would bring in techniques and
experience from their own fields of image-making, to be adapted by the
ceramists. A fertile exchange of ideas through working together or
creating collaborative pieces during the session can be expected. If you
are interested in this project, please contact me promptly. Comments,
suggestions and criticism are encouraged. References to websites, on-line
portfolios, or any other source of credentials and experience is most
welcome, since it will greatly acommodate my search for participants. If
anyone who reads this knows of a online forum similar to Clayart, but
specific for paperclay, please let me know, this will be very helpful. To
find out more about me, please visit my page at the Artists Register:
Thank you very much for your interest and help.
Jiri Lonsky