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updated wed 21 sep 05


marianne kuiper milks on tue 20 sep 05

--- Arnold Howard wrote:

> From: "marianne kuiper milks"
> > The cirquit breaker trips each time I set the
> kiln to
> > High Fire, not with any of the other settings.
> >
> > It is a Duncan K-10..can't find other
> numbers/codes on
> > the kiln itself. This is on the kilnsitter, which
> is
> > also Duncan.
> > I've tried to prop up the metal lever that falls
> down,
> > but it still trips at High-Fire. Not always
> > immediately - maybe a few minutes??
> Marianne, I'm not sure what you mean by "circuit
> breaker."
> If you mean the circuit breaker in the electric
> panel of your building, then
> you may have a weak breaker that needs to be
> replaced, or a short circuit in
> the kiln.
Soda in the east, pop in the west? maybe "cirquit
breaker" has a different name yonder? (not meant
The cirquit braker is outside the house, and is brand
new, installed by a 'master" electrician. (firnd,
excellent craftsman).Al;l was certified and sealed by
PA. So that's not it. The short cirquit has to be in
the kiln, though neither my husband nor i could see
anything out of order (we do have some experience).
> If you mean the Kiln Sitter circuit breaker, you
> could try this:
> When the Kiln Sitter trips, raise the weight and
> press in the plunger.
> Gently lower the weight. The Kiln Sitter is now
> firing on manual and will no
> longer shut off the kiln.

This is what I did the last 3 firings and it worked.
Now, again, it shuts off ONLY when I turn the knob to
"high Fire", not to the "high" setting. My
instructor/friend/potter told me that I couldn't
achieve bisque using regular "high" (as in low,
medium, high for pre-heating)
Is that so? My bisque ended up very fragile and the
wrong color. \Gently lowering the plunger - I even
supported it to stay - didn't work. It still shut off
on high-f ire. Confusing but all true.
> Maybe the Kiln Sitter needs to be adjusted with the
> firing gauge.
> Sincerely,
> Arnold Howard
> Paragon Industries, L.P., Mesquite, Texas USA
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