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koie cooker/maple ash

updated mon 19 sep 05


Gary Navarre on mon 19 sep 05

Hay Crew,
After a bus trip down below to drive Mom up for a short stay I got back
here last week and found a bunch more prints and added some shots to some
albums. One new one is Fotkis'
slideshow is working again with a new look. When the Maple was done Mom
and I snipped up and burnt some more Balsam brush that was laying around.
Getting ready for the Christmas greens cutting I got some new snipers and
a pair of geared lopping shears on clearance at Wal-Mart. The loppers can
cut up to 2" in diameter. I don't plan on the quantity of past years and
will concentrate on quality boughs for one client and my own wreaths. The
sticks will be saved for kiln stoaking wood. Maybe I'll make enough for a
sample clay order. Other than that I'm stayin there!

G in Da UP
Navarre Pottery
Navarre Enterprises
Norway, Michigan, USA (More new shots of Tager, old kilns, and
U.P. life.)