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grout lines and expansion contraction

updated mon 19 sep 05


Merry Monk Design on mon 19 sep 05

I've started making ^6 tiles and like to allow a very
thin space for grout, around the thickness of a dime
or quarter. My tiles fit very tightly, and I want to
keep the grout line as thin as possible. I butt the
tiles next to each other when I am adhering them to a
surface, so the grout line is the result of the top of
the tile being slightly smaller than the bottom. I
have only installed them on wood boards, I will be
installing on Durock in a shower soon. Also, the tiles
are designed for indoor or warm climate use.

Now here's my question: A tile installer told me that
physical space between installed tiles is necessary
for expansion and contraction purposes. Since I don't
allow space between my tiles, expansion-contraction
issues may arise, regardless of interior/exterior

Does anyone know about this? Is there harm in
installing the tiles butted next to each other, given
interior or warm climate conditions? I want to keep
the thin grout aesthetic in my work but certainly do
not want to jeopardize the integrity of the tiles.

Thanks in advance...


Has anyone heard of this?

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