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chinese clayart newsletter sept. 2005

updated mon 12 sep 05


Guangzhen Zhou on sat 10 sep 05

CHINESE CLAYART, Sept. 2005, Vol. 46.
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"CHINESE CLAYART" is a newsletter emailed bi-monthly to professional
artists, curators, collectors, writers, experts, educators, and students in
the ceramic field, who want to know about ceramic art in China and things
related. This newsletter will be a bridge between China and Western
countries for the ceramic arts. Comments and suggestions are very welcome.
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The Chinese Ceramic Art Council, USA
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Chief Editor: Guangzhen "Po" Zhou
English Editor: Deborah Bouchette
I was shocked by the nature disasters of Hurricane Katrina and what I saw on
the TV. I was in New Orleans for the NCECA conference in 1994, and I am
worried about the people in the city.
On behalf of our staff at the Chinese Clay Art Corp, I would like to extend
our deepest sympathies to those who may have lost family members or friends,
their homes, and other valuable things due to the destruction. We will do
our best to contribute to assist the clay artists whose clay studios or
businesses have been damaged or destroyed by the devastation.

The International Teapot Exhibition of Yixing

Because of the unique properties of Purple Sand clay, the unique
teapot-making techniques, and the unique aesthetics in ceramic history,
Yixing has been called the Capital of Pottery in China, and the Teapot
Making Center of the World. It is the only city in the world that has over
five hundred years of teapot-making history and over a hundred thousand
people making teapots in a town today.

The Chinese Ceramic Art Council USA has organized several international
exchange exhibitions in the US and China before. The International Teapot
Exhibition of Yixing, China has made history in the field of ceramics by
being the largest international ceramic teapot exhibition in China. The
diversity and the strong aesthetics of these ceramic art works were

The exhibition was held in June 2005 in conjunction with the International
Ceramic Art Conference in the Yixing Ceramics Museum, Yixing, China. The
international teapot exhibition included three venues: the Teapot
Competition of the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts
(NCECA), the invitational Exhibition of International Academy of Ceramics
(IAC) members, and the teapot exhibition of the International Ceramic
Artists Delegation. The exhibits were shipped or brought from the United
States, Canada, Europe, Australia, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and many
other areas in mainland China. Over a hundred pieces were received from
overseas and most of the art works were donated to the Yixing Museum after
the show.

I would like to express my appreciation to everyone who supported,
participated in this event, or donated their valuable time and sent their
art works to the exhibition. Thanks to IAC president Tony Franks and
vice-president Janet Mansfield; thanks to NCECA chairman Susan Filly and
former chairman Elaine Henry; thanks to the Yixing Ceramics Association
chairman Shi Juntang; and thanks to the members of Jiangsu Arts and Crafts
Association-Ceramic Art Branch, Shi Xiaoming, Zhou Bo, Gu Meiqun, and many
local artists who participated and helped the conference and the exhibition.
Also thanks to the Yixing Ceramics Museum directors Bao Jinsong and Zhou
Xiaodong, the Mayor of Yixing, Wu Fengfeng, and Vice-Mayor Hong Ya!
The magazine “Chinese Potters Newsletter Quarterly” is available at our
on-line bookstore Item number is BK811.
Chinese Potters Newsletter Quarterly magazine
Chief Editor: Dr. I-Chi Hsu
Box 100600-9025, Int'l Post Office, Beijing, China
Tel: 8610-6438-3314, 86-1380-102-8834, Fax: 8610-6437-5405,
The magazine is $10 per copy, and a subscription is $40 per year for 4
About the magazine:
Founded in 1998, this is a bilingual-Chinese and English news magazine which
introduces Chinese ceramic art to foreign ceramic artists, and introduces
ceramic arts of foreign countries to Chinese ceramic artists.
The 27th volume of the magazine has arrived. The contents of this issue are
as follows:
London Ceramic Art 2005, Opening of Pottery Workshop in Jingdezhen, Yixing
International Ceramic Conference, French Museum in Fuping opens in July,
Abbaye Arthous Int’l Ceramic Festival in S. France, Scandinavia Museum in
Fuping opens in November, World Ceramic Art Biennale in Korea, International
Ceramics calendar, New Works from Chinese Ceramic Artists, New Space for
Ceramic Jewelry, and other news.
Chinese Ceramic Tour and Exchanges during Autumn 2005 and Spring 2006
(itinerary and schedule update).

China 2005 Tour: Shanghai, Jingdezhen, Guangzhou/Foshan and Beijing.
China Ceramic Tour and Fairs in the Golden Autumn, Oct. 8-22, 2005, 15 days.
Cost: $2,500. Price includes tour guide/translator, transportation, museum &
admission fees, accommodations, meals, and international airfare.
10/8, leave from the US.
10/9, arrive Shanghai in the evening.
10/10, Shanghai Museum, Yu garden and antique market.
10/11, train to Jingdezhen.
10/12-14, Jingdezhen International Ceramic Fair and local ceramic cultural
10/15, fly to Guangzhou/Foshan.
10/16-18, China International Ceramic Fair-Foshan and local ceramic cultural
10/19, fly from Guangzhen to Beijing.
10/20-21, Great Wall and the Forbidden City.
10/22, depart from Beijing and fly home.

China 2006 Tour: Beijing, Xi'an, Jingdezhen, Jianyang, Longquan and
Ceramics China, March 29-April 17, 2006, 20 days.
Cost: $2,900. Price includes tour guide/translator, transportation, museum &
admission fees, accommodations, meals, and international airfare.
3/29 (Wed), leave the west coast of the US (San Francisco/Los Angeles) and
fly to Beijing.
3/30, arrive in Beijing in the evening.
3/31, visit the Great Wall in the morning and the Center Academy of Fine
Arts in the afternoon.
4/1 (Sat), visit the Panjayuan antique market in the morning and
Liu-li-chang in the afternoon.
4/2, visit the Forbidden City in the morning, the art school in the
afternoon. Take overnight train to Xian.
4/3, visit the Terra-cotta Warriors Museum in the morning and the antiques
street in the afternoon.
4/4, visit Chen-lu ceramic village, Yaozhou Kiln Museum and Fuping Ceramic
4/5, bus from Fuping to Xi'an and fly to Wuhan.
4/6, bus to Jingdezhen.
4/7, tour in Jingdezhen, visit local porcelain factories and museum.
Exchange with Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute in the evening.
4/8, tour in Jingdezhen, ancient porcelain studio and Kaolin Village.
4/9, take train or bus to Jian-yang.
4/10, visit the Jian Kiln site and the museum.
4/11, visit the local ceramic factories.
4/12, bus to Long-quan, the celadon village.
4/13, tour in Long-quan, visit the ancient kiln site, museum and celadon
studios of the local masters.
4/14, bus from Long-quan to Shanghai.
4/15, Yu Garden and the antique market.
4/16, Shanghai Museum and shopping or relaxing.
4/17, fly to home from Shanghai and arrive the same day, west coast local
Rustic Splendors: Kiln Treasures from Shiwan
The Pacific Heritage Museum
608 Commercial Street, San Francisco, CA 94111
The Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco is happy to announce that our
upcoming exhibition “Rustic Splendors: Kiln Treasures from Shiwan” will be
co-sponsored by the Pacific Heritage Museum, and runs from August 26,
2005-March 25, 2006. As the Center is being remodeled, the Pacific Heritage
Museum will be the venue for this exhibition that will feature 141 pieces on
loan from 19 Bay Area collectors, ranging from the Ming Dynasty (AD
1368-1644) to present. The Museum is located on the historic site of the
original US Branch Mint from 1854 to 1874.
In 1984, the building was restored and became the Pacific Heritage Museum
where Asian arts have been on display. United Commercial Bank (UCB) is the
owner of the building and also sponsors the various exhibitions at the
Please contact the Chinese Culture Center at 415-986-1822 for the details.
CLAY TOOL and BOOK shopping on line
A lot of newly-invented clay tools have just arrived, such as the wooden
molds of a butterfly, dragonfly, frog, and the Chinese characters of
longevity, double happiness, good luck and love; also the Breathable Clay
Board which wicks the moisture from the bottom of greenware making your wet
clay works dry evenly and faster.

We have developed larger size (12" x 16") texture mats. The first one is the
larger wood texture mat, which has arrived and is available on our website.
New Books:
BK 015, Pottery and Porcelain of China
Written by Li Zhiyan and Cheng Qinhua, published by the Foreign Languages
Press. With 103 pages, over 100 full-color images and illustrations, this
book is a resource for Chinese ceramic art history. The book’s contents
includes a brief introduction for each Chinese ceramic period, a summary of
how to distinguish between genuine and reproduction Chinese historical
ceramics, a sketch map of the principal kilns of the Chinese dynasties, and
the chronological history of Chinese pottery and porcelain.

BK 016, Shan'xi Historical Museum
Published by the Shan’xi People’s Art Publishing House and Educational and
Cultural Press Ltd., Hong Kong. This book has 140 pages and is in English,
Chinese and Japanese. Beginning with a brief introduction of the development
and facilities of the museum, the book has compiled selected treasures of
the museum that were excavated in Shan’xi Province where many Chinese
historical sites exist. The full-color illustrations include bronze wares,
gold, silver and jade wares, Tang Dynasty tomb frescoes, ceramics, pottery
figures, and Hang and Tang Dynasties’ bricks and eave tiles.

BK 017, Shanghai Museum, Ancient Chinese Ceramics Gallery
Published by the Shanghai Museum. This book has 48 pages, 85 full-color
illustrations and is in English and Chinese. The contents include an
introduction to Chinese ceramic history, charts of Chinese Ceramics
Chronology, and Chinese Chronology. Displayed according to period, the
Shanghai Museum has collected a full range of historical ceramics from the
Neolithic period to the last emperor of China, including selections from
most of the important kilns, shapes, and forms. The museum is a most
important resource for the study of Chinese historical ceramics.

Please check out the details at our website
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