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where are all the old potters who want to teach/share their

updated sat 10 sep 05


Victoria E. Hamilton on thu 8 sep 05


Blake -

Where in WA state are you located? Please email me off list -

Vicki Hamilton
Millennia Antica Pottery
Seattle, WA

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I am 24, and establishing my first studio. I just finished my B.A. in
Asian Studies/Ceramics. My grandmother and mother did slipcasting, and I
have entered the realm of throwing. I soon hope to inherit my
grandmother's last kiln. Most of the work I sell is to neighbors,
friends, and classmates. I am almost laughed at when I ask older potters
about apprenticeships and such. Most people are sons of potters, or
retired ect. When trying to find places to fire my work, it is nearly
impossible, unless I want to do Raku. And then when I do find a place the
prices are outrageous. I understand the process is expensive, but it
seems to me that many people are very protective of their kilns. I am
looking for a master potter to work with in Washington State. Can anyone
help? Where are all the Master Potters?

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