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seeking leads on used but in great condition high-fire kilns

updated sat 10 sep 05


Darcy Giesseman on fri 9 sep 05

Good morning!

Does anyone know of used high-fire kilns that are in wonderful, great
working condition for sale? I'm on the Michigan/Indiana border and the
other person who might be interested lives about an hour Eastward of here
in Mattawan, Michigan. I am primarily a china painter, but am interested
in learning how to make porcelain blanks. I do a lot of Rennaissance era
work and find that historically correct shapes in porcelain are not always
available through my suppliers.

If anyone knows of such kilns for sale please send me all the details,
price, condition, type of kiln, delivery/setup options, where they/it are,

Thank you.

Darcy Giesseman