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question about kiln shelves

updated sat 10 sep 05


Arnold Howard on fri 9 sep 05

From: "Judy Rohrbaugh"
> I recently spoke to someone who told me they wash their shelves about once
> a month. Next time, they flip it over, wash the other side. Is this a
> good suggestion?
> Also, how much kiln wash should I put on- one coat? Two? And how often.
> Electric kiln.

You will probably get many different opinions on this topic. Some people use
silica sand so they can flip the shelves over from firing to firing. Other
people kiln wash only one side of the shelf.

If your shelves do not warp, I would apply kiln wash to only one side of the
shelf and not flip it from firing to firing. Reapply kiln wash only when it
begins to flake or crack. You don't need to follow a set schedule for
reapplying kiln wash. If you are not sure about the condition of the
kiln-washed surface, shine a light across the shelf. A side light will
reveal all the surface imperfections.

If you apply kiln wash to both sides of the shelf, you run the risk of kiln
wash flaking off and falling onto the pieces below.

Wipe off excess kiln wash from the edges of shelves. Clumps of kiln wash can
fall off onto the pieces below or even into an element groove, burning out
an element.


Arnold Howard
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