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planning for art show

updated sat 10 sep 05


Hal Giddens on fri 9 sep 05

Hello all.

Our local artist guild had one of our regular meetings last night and
while planning for our annual Fall Art Show another project was discussed
which we hope will help with publicity and build interest for the show.
The local library currently has a project where they are getting kids to
draw and paint on the ceiling tiles in the childrens section of the
library and they have allocated 20 tiles to us. We are going to get 20 of
the local elected officials, business leaders, etc that don't have any art
experience and have them paint our allocated tiles. We will do this a
couple of weeks before out art show. Well in trying to schedule a Saturday
that we can do this it was brought up that we have to check the University
of Georgia Dawgs football schedule so we don't conflict with that date
since most of those folks will be at the games. Note, Athens, Georgia is
at least a good 2 hour drive from here. I was wondering what were some of
the other problems ya'll have encountered when scheduling and planning

Hal Giddens
1579 Rockledge Road
Rockledge, Ga. 30454