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one mo for the money

updated sat 10 sep 05


bill edwards on fri 9 sep 05

I keep reading some posts which are attempting to stir
others one direction over another. Lets not start this
faith based inititive on here please. Lets not start a
political one either. This has been a great group less
the turmoil of trying to understand perfectly what or
who is the best person to place their funds in the
hands of. If you don't trust anyone, carry the money
and place it in the hands of those that are without
homes. It's easy to do! No middle man or woman and no
political or religious agenda involved. If you live
too far away I will have some of them call you or send
you their newest address. It's silly to make these
kinds of decisions using this group to launch them.

Thanks to the one person who pointed this site out.
It's as if some people don't think that large
organizations can run without some over-head unless a
faith based group such as the Salvation Army or
another is involved, whom I'd rather not make comments
on since I detest us going back and forth over all
this again.

Marianne Kulper, I put your information in the very
hands of those in charge at Red Cross and was told to
thank you. They have 3 copies of the exacts that I
made giving location, phone numbers and contacts to
include my name so you'd be familiar with how they got
in touch with you if they find a family wishing to
relocate from this region to your area. I called you
earlier and got your answering machine. Was going to
let you talk directly with the Red Cross director
there. And for those just wandering... No, I don't
support any one particular group. I go in there, I
wade through the barking officials and a few elitist
and I make my moments and hours count by sticking to
the basics. Giving all I can directly to those who
need it most. It's not hard on the soul, it's only a
little hard on the feet. I watched Red Cross
volunteer's cry and I watch evacuee's cry. But I also
had a chance to talk to some more today and each one
wants to stay in touch with me, they appreciate all of
you as I tell them who you are and how we are trying
to communicate and help one another, I don't mention
the faith and politics of it at all. They also tell me
how they are going to re-build their lives back home
or how they will start new lives here or elsewhere.
These are strong determined people. Love them, love
them hard and when you think you can't love anymore,
love them again just to be sure they know it!

I work in Montgomery tommorow and will drop back by
the Opelika Shelter tommorow. I have too many new
friends there not to want to stop and give them a hug.

(Earlier very sensible post)And I thank this poster
for making rational calls at the right moment. From me
to you, Thanks!!!

Actual data regarding the efficiency of many charity
organization is
available at a number of sources. One such site is
Charity Navigator.
They can be found at

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