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gas kiln -- ** dc area ** -- no shipping.

updated sat 3 sep 05


putitinink on fri 2 sep 05

Hi all --

Evidently, it wasn't clear from my original post, but
the kiln is in the DC area. (I should've put that in
the message body, instead of only in the subject
line!!) I've already replied to everyone who emailed
me off-list and privately (no need to clog the list ;P
), but since several people missed the location in the
subject line and had other questions, here's some
additional information.

It runs off a propane tank and fires to Cone 12.
Exterior measurements are 29 X 32 inches. It comes
apart into three rings, plus the top and bottom.
You'll also need room for the other stuff that comes
with it -- the shelves, firebricks, metal stand, gas
burner, and pyrometer.

I can NOT ship it or deliver it, you need to pick it
up here.

It goes to the first person who gets here and picks it


>> On Sep 1, 2005, at 2:02 PM, putitinink wrote:
Gas Kiln for Sale (27HX24W inches interior) -- DC area

>>> Hi all -- I rarely post but I've lurked on this
list for years.
>>> I have a gas kiln for sale, dimensions are: 24in
Width X 27in Height, *interior* measurements. Also
included is the pyrometer, gas burner, a metal stand,
some extra fire bricks and lots of shelves. Fires to
Cone 12.
>>> I can not ship or deliver this kiln, you need to
pick it up.

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