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pinging, mastering cone 6, thanks

updated thu 1 sep 05


ken s on wed 31 aug 05

it has been an awesome morning!

i just opened my kiln packed with 50 pots glazed with recipes from M^6
Glazes. This is my first attempt to make my own glaze. i couldn't help
but peek in the kiln, although i knew that the pots were not cold to the
touch. having read the book, and believing the experts who said it would
be ok to open the kiln since it was well under 800F. I braced myself while
i cracked the lid, ready to hear the ping ping of fresh hot pots. to my
surprise, there was no sound, other than my shouts of RIGHT ON! at the

i have worked with clay and commercial glazes for 5 years, and virtually
ALWAYS heard some kind of glaze least one...even after
allowing the kiln to cool as slow as possible.

i have always been intimidated by making my own glaze. because of an
unenthusiastic teacher, chemistry was my worst class. john and ron's
book was a perfect introduction to making my own glazes. i can't wait to
continue learning and experimenting safe with the knowledge they have
provided about durability and fit.

john and ron,
thanks for your research and hard work. my pots are looking SWEET!!!

ken in kentucky