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new arrived chinese ceramics books

updated wed 24 aug 05


Guangzhen Zhou on tue 23 aug 05

Three new arrived books at Chinese Clay Art USA:

BK 015, Pottery and Porcelain of China, $24.00
Written by Li Zhiyan and Cheng Qinhua, published by the Foreign Languages
Press. With 103 pages, over 100 full-color images illustrated book is a
resource for the Chinese ceramic art history. The book’s contents includes
the brief introduction for each Chinese ceramic period, the summary of how
to distinguish between genuine and reproductions of Chinese historical
ceramics, the sketch map of principal kilns of Chinese dynasties, and the
chronological history of Chinese pottery and porcelain.

BK 016, Shan'xi Historical Museum, $45.00
Published by Shan’xi People’s Art Publishing House and Educational and
Cultural Press Ltd. Hong Kong, this book is 140 pages and in the languages
of English, Chinese and Japanese. Begin with a brief introduction of the
development and facilities of the museum, the book was compiled selected
treasures of the museum that excavated in Shan’xi Province where is many
Chinese historical sites excavated. The full color illustrations includes
bronze wares, gold, silver and jade wares, Tang Dynasty tomb frescoes,
ceramics, pottery figures, and Hang and Tang Dynasties’ bricks and eaves

BK 017, Shanghai Museum, Ancient Chinese Ceramics Gallery, $18.00
Published by Shanghai Museum, the book is 48 pages, 85 full colored
illustrations and in English and Chinese languages, and contents included
introduction of Chinese ceramic history, charts of Chinese Ceramics
Chronology, Chinese Chronology. Periodically displayed, Shanghai Museum has
collected full ranges of the historical ceramics from Neolithic to the last
emperor of China, included most of kilns, shapes and forms, the museum is
most important resource to study Chinese historical ceramics.

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