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re price stickers

updated mon 22 aug 05


Nan Rothwell on sun 21 aug 05

Price Labels

Since few people can read my handwriting (often I can't even read it
myself), I print my price stickers on the computer. I have found the best product
for the job is a "removable" label. I use Avery "Removable I.D Labels --
inkjet labels #6467. They are 1/2" x 1 3/4" sized and I typically print two
prices per label. I then cut each label in half. This sounds more tedious in
theory than it is in practice.

I print full sheets of my typical prices (including my initials or whatever
store code the place I am sending the pots requests) and then when pricing a
kiln full of work, I cut the sheets into vertical strips before peeling and
applying the labels. I keep a folder of preprinted labels on hand at all
times, so if I only need a couple of price labels, I simply peel them one at a
time from the stored sheets.

An unexpected positive side-effect of this system is that it has made me
more systematic (never my strong suit) about pricing itself. Something about
having to sort work into piles so the pre-printed labels can be applied has
reduced my old tendency to price according to how pleased I am by the firing, or
how much I have in my pottery checkbook at the moment, or whatever other
random pressures used to influence my decisions...

Nan Rothwell