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shocking art

updated sat 20 aug 05


bill edwards on fri 19 aug 05

I read Steve's statement and I agree with him as it is
his observation that is shared with those who fall
into that category, its not Mel's choice for art
apparently and there's certainly many just like him so
we have our unique differences that make us who we are
and thats OK. Art is a statement from the artist to
who ever it is that it attracts. I see people mulling
over abstracts that have so little detail it throws
me, but some people will shell out 100 thousand
dollars to own it. (A person made head-lines using a
jet engine to propel paint on a canvas, was that art?
Its subjective and influenced by preconception and
understanding or trying to understand.
Maybe I can talk my cat into holding a brush in his
mouth like the elephant who painted on canvas and
create a new style that promotes cats into artists and
people into animals.

From: Steve Van Cleave
Subject: Re: art takes another hit

I usually don't post much at all, let alone on
cause-consuming/polarized opinion subjects.

I see nothing inherently obscene in the display.
maybe not. My understanding is that it was more of a
historical/anthropological/natural history context. I
seriously doubt
there was an intent to shock. I believe many of its
viewers will find
the display to be a unique opportunity well worth the
time to visit.
I know you are the "curator" of this list, but I
wonder if your
response was a bit reflexive (read knee jerk)?

You can disavow use of the word art in the context of
your work if you
want to, but that will only serve to reinforce the
notion that
shocking garbage is art and your beautiful pots are
not. I disagree
with you on that one too.

OK gentlemen and gentlewomen, I've got my ceramic flak
jacket on...


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