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flagging/shipping (was: "flagging" tools) - now,

updated fri 19 aug 05


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on thu 18 aug 05

flagging the end of Clear Tape on items wraps...

Hi Ken,

I agree...

Too, one may use a small rectangle of colored Paper to flag the end of the
otherwise clear tape used to secure the Bubble Wrap in which an item is
wrapped, making it easier yet for the recipient to find the end of it.

Las Vegas

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From: "Ken Nowicki"

> This topic of "flagging" triggered a thought that maybe some of you would
> be interested in. It's more along the lines of shipping pottery than
> anything else.
> Think about this for a second.
> Have you ever gone to unwrap a pot that has been taped up in bubble
> only to be searching for the little end of the packing tape in
> Of if you did find it, did you find yourself scratching the edge of the
> tape, trying to pull up a corner so you could get a grip on it and pull
> tape up... but you... just... can't... quite... get... that little bugger
> to lift off the bubble wrap? Or did you just give up in frustration and
> grab the scissors or a box cutter and slice away at it, tearing into it...
> pulling and tugging to get the bubble wrap off the pot (and ruining the
> bubble wrap in the process so that it can't be reused again)???

> - Ken