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flagging/shipping (was: "flagging" tools)

updated fri 19 aug 05


Ken Nowicki on thu 18 aug 05

This topic of "flagging" triggered a thought that maybe some of you would
be interested in. It's more along the lines of shipping pottery than
anything else.

Think about this for a second.

Have you ever gone to unwrap a pot that has been taped up in bubble wrap...
only to be searching for the little end of the packing tape in frustration?
Of if you did find it, did you find yourself scratching the edge of the
tape, trying to pull up a corner so you could get a grip on it and pull the
tape up... but you... just... can't... quite... get... that little bugger
to lift off the bubble wrap? Or did you just give up in frustration and
grab the scissors or a box cutter and slice away at it, tearing into it...
pulling and tugging to get the bubble wrap off the pot (and ruining the
bubble wrap in the process so that it can't be reused again)???

Okay... now... think about your customer when he or she get's home with
their newly purchased pot of yours, or that gallery employee or owner, that
you've just sent your first shipment to, who is anxious to unpack your
shipment and see what you've sent him/her... okay... now put yourself in
their shoes for second...

For years I've been "flagging" clear packing tape on the ends (i.e. -
folding down an inch or so back onto itself) while taping tightly wrapped
bubble wrap on my pots for shipping to galleries. It makes it SO much
easier for the person on the other end unwrapping your pots to simply grab
one of these tabs (or "flags" as it were) and give a simple tug to
efficently untape the bubble wrap surrounding your pot.

It also makes it easier to re-wrap the piece in the same piece of bubble
wrap (should the need arise) generally, without damaging the bubble wrap or
tape. If you want to really make it easier for the party on the receiving
end, you could even get a permanent ink marker and write something on the
tab... ('pull here first'), or even go so far as to number them in sequence
of wrapping (i.e. - 1, 2, 3... )

I've received several compliments from gallery owners that my shipments of
my work are a pleasure to receive and unwrap due to my packing methods.

The way I see it... anything that you can do to present yourself in a more
professional manner to your customers will only serve to help you stand out
and be remembered the next time that gallery owner wants a reorder, or that
customer comes back to your booth or shop to buy another piece of your work.

Every little bit helps when it comes to making yourself stand out above all
the rest... even if it's something that you might feel is as insignificant
as how you wrap your pots (or conversely, how easy you make it to "unwrap"
your pots). Just food for thought. :- )

Best wishes,

- Ken

Ken Nowicki
Port Washington, NY
Charter Member Potters Council

"preparing to leave on a family vacation for a week in my 'home town' of
San Diego... where I will enjoy spending time at some favorite beaches,
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tiles and architectural ceramics! Whoo Hoo! As a bonus, I scored
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