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cone 6 tests - "the touch" -revised kiln plans

updated sun 14 aug 05


Rick Bonomo on sat 13 aug 05

I posted the results of cone 6 glaze tests=20

Click here for photo: =

Click here and scroll down for the whole rant:

I also posted some potential revisions to the kiln "building" design, =
including trick bricks, and a bed !

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Rick Bonomo

Text for the glaze tests:
From left: Andrea's Red Tenmoku:

The problem with this glaze in oxidation is that the light clay body =
shows through the transparent black glaze - I hate when that happens - =
it just looks like an oil slick. That's rutile and Nepheline Synenite =
50/50 brushed on.

Next isFalls Church Shino: pretty dull brown

Next is Ron/John Dark Stormy Night with pitting

Next is Richard Busch's Nutmeg: nice depandable glaze - looks sandy

In the back on top is the target glaze: Valda Cox's spodumene in =
reduction used by Gary Pletsch in Pittsburgh

If anyone knows this recipe please enlighten me.

In front is Richard Busch's Satin Matt: another with that wonderful =
touch to it.

I tried removing the rutile from Ron/John's Spearmint and using 2% Cu =
Carbonate applied over raw body and white slip

It's just not an acceptable fake celadon yet - maybe 1% copper

And Ron/John's Raspberry over white slip

I need a gun

That brown plate in the background is Andrea's Faux Shino

I gave up on that thing that was advertised as Cone 6 Electric Shino

It was either an unpleasant orange or a greenish white