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updated fri 12 aug 05


Barbara Brown on thu 11 aug 05

Hi mel,
I was a very lucky lady yesterday. I got to hold 2 of Joseph Grenbanier'=
s beautiful pots in my hands.
I went on the LA Clay Trip organized by Abby O'Connell, founder and owner=
of Mother Earth Clay Art Center, Sunnyvale, Ca. The group consisted of =
Abby, clay artist, Jill Getzan and myself. We flew to Ontario, Ca Monday=
morn, rented a car, drove to Laguna Clay Company and were given a tour b=
y Joe Koons, Paul Lerma and met vice pres/general manager, Jim Kassebaum.=
We stayed at Diamond Bar Holiday Inn Select. =20
Tues morning we went to American Museum of Ceramic Art in Pomona and were=
given a wonderful tour of the show "Laying Foundation" American Art Til=
e by Christy Johnson, museum director.
This show will be part of the Potter's Council Tile Workshop Oct 6-9.
We were joined at the museum by David Armstrong, founder of AMOCA and Joe=
Koons. We then went to David's gallery "Armstrongs" where we saw many f=
amous ceramic artists work for sale.
The crate with Joseph Grenbanier's pottery and papers had arrived but was=
unopened but David had 2 of Joseph's vases there and he let us look at t=
hem and hold them. They are beautiful and I can't wait to see a show of =
them someday.
We then drove to Xiem Clay Center, Pasadena. This is a gallery, retail c=
eramic store and workshop for students who buy memberships much like Moth=
er Earth Clay Art Center in Sunnyvale. We met the founder, Kevin Xiem Ng=
uyen and had a tour. He and Abby had much to share with each other.
We then drove to Scripps College, Claremont to see the famous ceramic col=
lection owned by the college and donated by collector, Fred Marer.
We were given a wonderful tour of the collection and were allowed to tou=
ch pieces by the curator, Kirk Delman. Kirk also told us that you (mel) =
was able to help him date some of the Hamada and Kawai pieces in the coll=
Back to the airport and home early Tues evening. Great time was had by a=

Barbara Brown
1225 Manzano Way
Sunnyvale, Ca 94089