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kevin crowe workshop

updated sat 13 aug 05


Rick Bonomo on thu 11 aug 05

Ladies and Gents

I was asked by the folks at Touchstone to alert potential students to =
the Kevin Crowe Workshop=20

Kevin Crowe
September 9-11 , 2005

Kevin Crowe
Kevin produces wood-fired, functional pottery in a three-chambered =
hikarigama kiln at Tye River Pottery. He has taught courses and =
workshops on wood kiln construction, firing, throwing large-scale work, =
and tea ware throughout the nation. "My pots are functional, with strong =
Japanese and English influences. Ranging in scale from 4" pots to 48" =
vases, my pots are for heart and home". Kevin lives and works in Nelson =
County, Va.=20

Kevin Crowe
Tye River Pottery
Amherst, VA

Rick Bonomo

Craig Donalson on thu 11 aug 05

I had the fortunate experience of working with Kevin for two months at
Penland several years back. He is an excellent teacher, an excellent potter
and an even better person. Highest recomendation if you can swing it.

Helen Bates on fri 12 aug 05

Kevin Crowe: