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cone 10 porcelain casting slip

updated fri 12 aug 05


P. Canupp on thu 11 aug 05

Here is the Cone 10 Porcelain Casting Slip we used in

55 lbs. Grolleg (English China Clay)
20 lbs. Custer Feldspar
13 lbs. Pyrophyllite (Pyrotrol)
12 lbs. Flint

40 pints/lbs. Hot water
275 ml Darvan #7

Weigh H20 into large barrel
Pour in 1/2 Darvan #7
Sprinkle in materials while mixing

Let slip "rest" overnight
remix and adjust for viscosity
adjust by adding either more darvan or more H20

***Just a note*** We mixed this in a 55 gallon barrel
(on wheels) and the stuff feels like silk. You
probably will want to take a bath in it ;')
It worked great in cone 10 reduction.

Elizabeth Canupp
Still the trimming queen.

From: Scott Bennett
Subject: subject; cone 10 porcelain casting slip

Hey out there,

Does anyone explore and possibly have a recipe they
can share for a
cone 10
porcelain casting slip. I can't seem to find anything
on the subject.



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