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new york/brooklyn potters please

updated tue 9 aug 05


mel jacobson on mon 8 aug 05

pay attention.

joe and mel have been in contact with the family of the
very noted....Joseph Grebanier, potter and author of
"Chinese Stoneware Glazes" published in 1975 by Watson-Gulpil.

the family has been very gracious in giving their collection
of Joseph's work and notes to the AMOCA. David Armstrong
and Joe have gone to brooklyn and claimed this prize.

the house is going to be razed at some point. it is old
and the land is very valuable. so.
there is a vast collection of wheel, kiln, tools, chemicals
and a great collection of old ash...that he studied for
ash glazes.

this will all be given away...first come first serve.

i will be getting details...and sending them on.

we are very humbled that the family has extreme faith
in us...and has turned to us to protect this valued study.
he was a great fellow, and a hell of a potter...his research
into chinese iron glazes was the foundation that joe has
worked with for thirty years. Joseph died prematurely a year after the
publication of his book.

so...some of you will be blessed with some nice gifts.
so, be ready.
please do not post me for information...or a head start.
this will just happen when it happens.
first come, first served. get a trailer or a truck ready.
don't show up with a geo metro. or come on the train.
from mel/
for gail's year book.