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richard/broken shelves

updated fri 5 aug 05


mel jacobson on thu 4 aug 05

in my case...the firings where the kiln shelves broke
were standard.
i did not change a thing...same firings, same temps, same pots.
nothing different.

it took a bit of time, and evidence...mainly i had never broken
a shelf in nine years....had the old shelves and the invoice.
they sent me new ones...i picked them up at the vendor.
i am sure the cost was spread around...i did not know.

i had a dear friend that has a ph.d. in silicon carbide engineering.
he took a look.
said...send new ones.
so, i did have an expert look. i did not trust myself on that one.
that is the story. not really willy nilly.
from mel/
for gail's year book.